Why PUTIN hates NATO What is NATO – Real 7 Best explained

Why PUTIN hates NATO? Why Did Russia Attack Ukraine? Was Putin stupid?

Did he have no idea about the sanctions on Russia after this attack?

What impact this will have on Russian people and the economy?

What can be the reason to attack on Ukraine? for which Putin was ready to accept economic and political fallouts from the attack?

The reason is NATO.

What is NATO? Why Does Putin Hate NATO?

Let us learn that in this article.

This article does not justify Russia's actions but tries to understand the reasons behind it. 
Please read this article till the end and tell us what you think...

What is NATO?


What is NATO?

The purpose of NATO was to fight against Soviet Powers and protect Western interests against them.

NATO is basically a club which says that if any country attacks on a NATO country then it directly means that it is an attack on ALL the members of NATO.

NATO was founded in 1949. These countries were the founding members.

But why was NATO started in 1949 only?

But why was NATO started in 1949 only?

The reason is Russia tested its first nuclear bomb in the year 1949.

There were 2 superpowers in the world after World War II “Soviet Union” and “USA”

From sports to space, these 2 powers competed in every little thing.

Just the way CIA spied in the Soviet Union, The same way, KGB spied in the United States.

Because of the Soviet Union’s large size. It had a huge geopolitical advantage.

But why was NATO started in 1949 only?

To counter this very geographical advantage, NATO slowly started spreading eastward.

At the same time, in 1949 the Soviet Union also signed the Warsaw Pact with 7 East Europian countries.

That’s how things went during the Cold War era. The West and USSR both worked to increase their influence.

The Soviet Union disintegrated in the early 1990s.

So, the agenda for which NATO was formed in the first place if that agenda itself doesn’t exist anymore. What use is NATO for?


Who can join NATO?

NATO keeps an open door policy. This means any European country can join NATO. All the existing members should agree to admission.

Technically, Russia is also a part of Europe right?

Who can join NATO?

You will be surprised, but in the year 2000, Putin had also wished to join NATO.

If Russia would be a part of NATO, Then perhaps this conflict wouldn’t start.

This is the history of NATO.

But why is there a problem today?

If you go to NATO’s website, they clearly say NATO is a defensive alliance.

IS IT TRUE? Russia isn’t convinced.

In December 1998, USA attacked Iraq, Iraq was a Russian ally.

The US did not notify Russia about this attack.

In Yugoslavia, NATO bombed without UNSC approval, 488 citizens lost their lives in these bombings.

Putin condemned this incident.

Tis list mentions all the different attacks which the US perpetrated after World War II.

NATO was going beyond their borders showing aggression, NATO was showing its power in the world.

Russia believes as NATO’s influence will increase NATO will act as the world’s police.

It will start teaching the world what is right and wrong.

And again days after days NATO started to expand his union. Russia was not going to get an entry in this.

Ukraine is not a member of NATO. Ukraine’s President wanted to join NATO which would bring NATO to Russia’s borders.

Russia demanded a written guarantee from the USA that Ukraine won’t be a part of NATO.

The USA did not give this written guarantee. But What does Ukraine have that Russia wants so badly?

What does Ukraine have that Russia wants so badly?

What does Ukraine have that Russia wants so badly? The answer is Energy
Russia’s economy works mainly on Oil and Gas. 33% of Russia’s economy comes from these two.

Europe is dependent on Russia for oil and gas. 35% of Europe’s gas supply comes from Russia. But what role Ukraine have to play in this crisis?

What role Ukraine have to play in this crisis?

When Russia and Ukraine were a part of the same Union. The Soviet Union built gas pipelines through Ukraine.

Ukraine sets new tariffs for Russian gas transit to Europe.

Till 2005, 80% of the gas exported to Europe from Russia went through these Ukrainian pipelines.


Recently, more deposits of gas were found in the Black Sea. This comes in Ukraine’s exclusive economic zone.

Ukraine does not have resources because Ukraine is a poor country, Russia has the resources And a reason to attack as well.

So basically, a big country attacks a smaller country and takes control of its energy reserves.

This sounds like something we have heard before. This is a well known fact that the US attacked Russian ally Iraq in 2003 and took control of their oil reserves.

The formula is the same, The perspective is different.

If the West actually wants to punish Russia They can stop purchasing oil and gas from them, But they lose out in this bargain as well.

So basically, the main crux of the Russian economy are not really affected by the sanctions.

Why PUTIN hates NATO

Now lets see Why PUTIN hates NATO.

NONE of this is justification for any type of war But we need to understand both sides of an argument.

So that we understand the relationship between action and reaction.

What we need to really understand is Russia is no saviour. It is no saviour liberating Ukraine.

Understanding Russia’s conflict is important for us because we think that the West is a friend to us.

If there is any conflict in India in the future the West will help us out.

But the inconvenient truth is inspite of the conflict taking place in Europe, The West is just watching.

We are still at the other end of the world, We are still considered to be a third world country.


After understanding all of these things We find ourselves in deep debt of the scientists and leaders who helped India to become a nuclear power. So that we can protect our country if the need be.

And Sharing this important message with you makes a difference to me!


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